Simply Prima is a small family business that operates out of a local commercial kitchen. 

Simply Prima comes from an exclamation of approval in German “Einfach PRIMA!” which means “really good!” I have started this company to give people access to good quality foods that are made with natural ingredients and are based on a variety of ethnic cuisines. It is my hope that when you have a taste of our food that the first thought that comes to your mind is that it is just that - simply good.

Sylvia Graf-Jones - Owner and founder of Simply Prima

I started this company because I have a deep love for cooking which has stemmed from my preparing meals for my large family. I have always seen food as a way of bringing people together, and being a military family, dinners have been a way to strengthen our bonds amongst all the craziness of moving around the country.  

I have been on a strict gluten-free diet since 2004, long before the Hollywood diet craze took over the nation's food aisles. I have seen the market grow from very few gluten-free foods to the million dollar industry it is today. Due to this, I have had to experiment and tinker around for years with only my own cooking skills to help me. My passion is to help bring delicious food to others so that they won't have to flounder around like I did. Our foods are handcrafted to fit whatever diet needs you may have, meaning that all of our ingredients are controlled.

I look forward to working with you and proving to you that a limited diet does not equal limited taste.

- Sylvia Graf-Jones